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Cloud9 Olympus

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The 2019 Cloud9 Olympus
Full Body Massage Chair

Find Your Zen In A Cloud9 Olympus Massage Chair

The 2019 Cloud9 Olympus massage chair is a new high-tech full body massage chair designed to elevate the personal massage experience to a whole new level. With its innovative 3D massage technology, the Olympus full body massage chair recliner allows you to choose from 10 automatic functions and five manual modes for a totally satisfying massage experience.

Olympus, The Massage Chair with Superior Body Positioning

The Olympus full body massage chair also features a 49” L-track to ensure a powerful deep tissue massage, optical body scanning technology that automatically detects your body curves, shape, and size for a more accurate and precise massage. With 3 zero-gravity modes, the Olympus provides for a neutral body posture to relieve body tension and allow for a perfect massage position.

It is also equipped with a waist and spine correction feature to loosen up muscles, reduce pain and improve flexibility along your spine. Using air compression massage technology, the Olympus ensures a more satisfying full body massage experience, offering an automatic footrest extension for a rejuvenating therapeutic foot massage.

Sit Back and Relax with Bluetooth

The 2019 Olympus massage chair leaves nothing out to give you the luxury and relaxation you deserve. To enhance your relaxation, the Olympus massage chair comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities to let you listen to your favorite music while enjoying a full body massage!

10 Automatic Functions, 5 Manual Modes, 3 Adjustable Positions and Speed

Designed with ten automatic massage functions: Recovery, Pain Relief, Stretch, Music Sync, Experience, White-collar, Shopaholic Back Yoga, Athlete Mode, and Care of Age. There are also 5 Manual Modes of kneading, tapping, knocking, kneading and tapping combination, and shiatsu.

Air pressure and roller massage for the feet (22 airbags) and multiple intensity options.

Full Body Massage Chair Reviews

Olympus electric full body massage chair is all about providing exceptional pampering with a unique wellness experience. Here are some full body massage chair reviews from satisfied Cloud9 Olympus clients.

“I bought this chair for my father who has lower back problems from picking up my mother, who is a paraplegic. I set this chair up at my parents’ house while they were out of town this weekend. It was kind of easy to put together if you use some common sense. I wanted to surprise them with the chair. After my boyfriend and I got it together and gave it a try, to see how it works. We are talking about getting our own. It is so great, it hits every muscle in your back, hips legs and feet. It twist and rolls and even pounds on you. This is the best massage I have ever received. It even heats up and reclines all the way back. You can go to sleep in this chair so easy. I would recommend this chair to anyone. I just hopes my father likes it….if not I will take it with no feelings being hurt.” – Pam

“This is the greatest chair!!! It has lots of pre-programmed settings (anti-stress, muscle relief, muscle recovery, wake up) or you can pick Swedish massage, rolling, tapping, kneading, shiatsu. Many, many choices. You can pinpoint a specific area and it will concentrate on that area until you tell it to move on. One of my favorite features is the bottom of the foot massage. Delightful. It also has compression massage that made me uncomfortable in the beginning because I wasn’t familiar with it. Freaked me out a little bit when the air bags squeezed my legs and arms. I’m ok with it now and feels good once it is over. You can control the intensity of the air bag compression so I keep it on the lowest setting. This chair is “feature rich” with too many settings to list. It is well worth the price and very pleased I purchased it.” – Gilbert


  • 49″ L-track
  • Automatic Footrest Extension
  • 3D Massage Technology
  • Rocking Technology
  • Four Wheel Mechanism
  • Zero Gravity
  • Spinal Correction & Waist Twist
  • Reflexology
  • Lumbar Heat
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Body Scanning
  • Airbag Compression Therapy


  • Chair Width: 34″
  • Chair Weight: 275 lbs.


  • Chair Length: 56″
  • Chair Product Height:47″


  • Chair Length: 74″
  • Chair Height: 37″


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